Tree Removal

Our intent is to provide the consumer with information about tree removal and extraction. Tree removal, otherwise known as extraction, is the job of removing undesirable trees from an owners property. Several criteria are often involved when a consumer desires to have a tree removed. Many times, the tree is diseased, dead or of an undesirable species. Often, a tree may be dangerously close to a structure and the owner may wish to have it removed.

MAYO'S TREE SERVICE AND LANDSCAPING can assist you with deciding whether extraction is necessary. If so, we can get the removal done quickly and safely without threat to your existing structures and has many years experience and has extracted hundreds of trees in The Houston Metropolitan Area.

As professional work ethics and professional attitudes we'll get the job done right the first time no matter how big or small.
Specializing in dangerous big tree removal and storm clean ups our customers can always depend on us to be there at the drop of a dime. We run a 24 hr service 7 days a week servicing anyone that calls.

We clean dead limbs out of trees and also brace big heavy limbs which in time may break during a storm or just to make a tree more.

In fact most don't know that if a tree is struck by lightning most insurance companies will take care of some, if not most, of the tree removal process. So if there is a tree or storm related issue we would be more than glad to offer a helping hand.

Services Overview

knowledge and ability to properly care for trees is a benefit to their clients, their treesĀ and the environment. The health of a tree depends on the care it receives. Quality of service depends on the care the client receives. MAYO'S TREE SERVICE & LANDSCAPING is committed to both.

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