At MAYO´S LANDSCAPING, We build and maintain a variety of residential, homeowners associations & commercial properties. Providing a colorful combo of environments that reflect your individual taste.

Our landscaping designs will literally transform your residential or commercial property, increasing its aesthetic beauty, value and appeal.

Our custom designs are more than planting plans. They incorporate your needs and desires as we create and improve your outdoor living space.

We develop an ongoing relationship with you that helps us create and maintain your ideal outdoor environment. Successful landscape design isn’t just decorating your outdoor space with plants. It combines innovative planning and design approaches with experience in a broad range of disciplines...

Attention to detail is critical to perfecting your landscape design, from choosing and placing the proper flowers, plants and hardscape to adding art and enhancements.


When you add a new sunroom, porch enclosure, or patio cover to your home, you expand and protect your living area, add value to your home and bring some of the natural beauty of the outdoors right inside your home. It’s a great place to relax and unwind.

Adding a patio cover to your home is probably the easiest way to add year-round usable space to your home. We can build you anything from a simple patio cover with screens and windows up to a four-season patio cover.

Extend your house with a patio cover that looks like it has always been there!

We have many years of experience with irrigation sprinkler installation and repair in Houston and surrenders areas.
To have a lush green lawn and beautiful healthy landscape needs water. The right amount of it, accurately placed when and where the plant needs it is the key.

We install, service and repair sprinkler and irrigation systems, drainage systems, and back-flow preventers .Our irrigation systems and services will help you save time, money, and water. Our efficient automatic sprinkler systems will provide you with a beautiful lawn and landscape while conserving our precious water. It will also help reduce your water bills, pesticides, and herbicides.

We provide top quality garden care needs. With time we add supplement of nutrition that will permit the plants to grow with all their force and beauty.

We offer reliable and top quality lawn mowing service to customers in Houston and surrounding areas. We give free no obligation estimates and offer a senior discount. We provide flexible schedules and payment services and never lock our customers into a yearly contract. Get started today!



MAYO´S LANDCAPING offers the following regular services:

    - Mow all grassy areas
    - Edge all driveways, sidewalks and curbs
Trim around all trees, flower beds, storage buildings and house
Clear all trimmings from driveways, sidewalks and street.

Services Overview

knowledge and ability to properly care for trees is a benefit to their clients, their trees and the environment. The health of a tree depends on the care it receives. Quality of service depends on the care the client receives. MAYO'S TREE SERVICE & LANDSCAPING is committed to both.


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